Friday, September 19, 2008

This Love Is Like a Drop in the Ocean

I wrote this a while back on a beach retreat weekend when we were taking time just to be.

The waves curl, breaking white

a top a green and blue ocean

glinting in rays of sunlight

Here, I have a strange notion

If you were to go out too far

a undertow awaits

to drag you under and far away

And so we stay close to the shore

in safety's reach

and never going out too far

for an undertow awaits

It is too powerful for us

it'll wear us out resisting

It will take us where it will

without a chance of questioning

It strikes me that this same tide

is what Jesus calls us to enter

For neither safe nor expected is He

and desiring to take us further

Yet we for fear stay on the beach

for out there his undertow awaits

He would have us emerge ourselves

giving up that we should live

not fighting, nor struggling

though we shall,

but letting his current

for us, live

There is life, if we should venture it

Although it seems like death

But there is comfort to be found in the Spirit's living breath

We won't know where we'll be swept

His current carries us still

So jump into this powerful tide

and let Him, for us, live